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Early Orthodontic Care

little boy brushing his teeth hi 5 dentalGrowing up is full of wonderful experiences, learning new things, and enjoying your youth. Growing up can also be accompanied by growing pains. Oral growing pains start at teething and can extend for a very long time, even into early adulthood. The key to curbing your child’s oral growing pains is to pay close attention to any “bite” irregularities that may arise through frequent trips to see us.

What factors contribute to early orthodontic issues?

While there is a large array of contributing factors to early orthodontic issues, there are a few factors that we tend to see a lot of. Genetic factors are a very common cause of orthodontic issues. If you had problems with your teeth coming in crooked there is a good chance you will pass that on to your children.

Damaging oral habits can also be a source of early orthodontic issues. Things like thumb sucking is fine for very young babies but can lead to issues with how teeth come in later. Bite issues can arise because of or, be made worse by, thumb sucking and pacifier habits. We encourage you to ween your child off of these habits once teeth start coming. We understand that it might not be possible to stop your child from thumb sucking but even stemming the frequency of the habit can be a great help to their oral health in the long run.

Long Term Impact

Crooked teeth can lead to a number of consequences in your child’s health over the course of their life. It can be harder to properly clean and care for teeth that aren’t straight. This can sometimes lead to more frequent occasions of tooth decay and different forms of gum disease. Our goal when treating your child is to get rid of crevices and pockets where food particles can sit.

Crooked teeth can also have a significant impact on self-esteem. Your smile is the first thing people see and it makes it very easy to feel good about that smile when it’s straight and beautiful. Having straight teeth can go a long way in making your child feel secure about themselves, and can really bolster their self-esteem.

Stages of Orthodontic Treatment

There are three stages of orthodontic treatment for kids. The first stage is known as “early treatment” and occurs between the ages of two and six. “Middle dentition treatment” is the next phase of childhood orthodontics and occurs between the ages of six and twelve. Finally, “adolescent dentition treatment” is relevant for children ages 13 and up. Within each stage of treatment there are specific checks and corrections we do to ensure your child’s continued oral health.

During visits, Dr. Pham utilizes several diagnostic tools and procedures to closely monitor any irregularities in your child’s bite. He will discuss his findings with you and go over any necessary intervention steps to make sure that you understand exactly what the issue is and how we plan to treat it.

Please give us a call today at (503) 644-4749 so that we can schedule an appointment for your child to have an orthodontic checkup today. At Hi5 Dental we want you to have peace of mind for your child’s future smile!

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